Great things are happening at Dayton Public Schools. Our new Career Technology Education courses are satellite courses especially designed to give you a running start on your career or college. Fashioned after the program at the David H. Ponitz Career Technology Center, course credits can lead to an associate degree or a specific industry credential that can help you earn great money after graduation. From the STEM expertise of Thurgood Marshall to the award-winning arts education at Stivers, it’s a perfect opportunity for getting the jump on meeting your College Career Readiness requirement in Ohio. Reserve your spot today!

Choose from programs at these high schools:

Network Systems, Manufacturing Operations, Business and Administrative Services
Allied Health and Nursing, Network Systems, Information Processing
Network Systems, Business and Administrative Services
Exercise Science/Sports and Recreation Healthcare
Media, Performing Arts
It’s FREE! There’s NO COST for DPS students to enroll in this program.

Earn free college credit in high school

Dayton Public Schools and Sinclair College have joined to develop pathways to better lead students toward a college degree and high wage employment. This partnership also gives students the opportunity to earn free college credit while in high school, and can lead to an associate degree through Sinclair.

Choose from these career programs

Allied health and nursing
Business and administrative services
Exercise science
Information processing
Manufacturing operations
Performing arts
Network systems
Sports and recreation healthcare


That’s the beauty of this program. It’s absolutely free. Nada. Now you can earn college credits and/or industry credentials by the time you graduate, all at no additional cost.

These course credits are all structured in such a way that directly leads toward your goal of achieving an associate degree.

No. You must take the courses wherever you are enrolled. There is no traveling between high schools for individual courses. A student may choose to enroll in another high school to pursue a career pathway that is not offered at the student’s home school and graduate from that high school.

You’ll be earning specific industry credentials, free of charge, so that by the time you graduate, you’ll be trained and ready for the job market!

It’s FREE! There’s NO COST for DPS students to enroll in this program.


If you’d like more information or you’d like to start the enrollment process, please call DPS Student Enrollment Center at (937) 203-3732 AND, fill out the short form below.

In order to be eligible to attend the Career Technology Education satellite courses, students must live within the Dayton Public Schools area of attendance and must be in grades 9–12 for the 2017–18 school year.